Step 1:

Are you a registered voter in Maryland?  Click HERE to verify your voter registration.


If you are not registered to vote, click HERE to register now. You cannot sign the petition until you are registered to vote.


You must sign the petition the same way you signed your voter registration.

Free State Petitions

Protect the Second Amendment in Maryland. Sign the petition to stop O'Malley's gun grab!

Review the legislation --  SB281: Firearms Safety Act of 2013.  The entire document can be found HERE.


*If you intend to download and print blank petition forms to collect signatures, you must have a copy of the entire bill SB281 with you. Click HERE to download a printer-friendly version.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Sign the petition! The only way to stop SB281 is to sign the petition and take this issue to the voters.  If we collect enough signatures, we put this bill on hold until the voters can decide in November 2014.


Click HERE or HERE to view the petition.  It must be printed double-sided, completed, and mailed to:

Free State Petitions, P.O. Box 373, Damascus, MD 20872


The county information at the top must be completed.  All individuals signing must be associated with the county listed at the top of each petition page.  Be sure to sign and date the bottom as the circulator, or the entire petition page will be rejected.

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P.O. Box 373
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To sign the petition, follow the three easy steps  below:

Free State Petitions wishes to thank all the wonderful volunteers that helped on our petition drive.  Although we did not make our goal, it is important to note that we came very close and registered many new voters.   Marylanders were responsible for this effort, but we must acknowledge those elected officials who put the citizens before politics.  These patriots include Del. Pat McDonough, Del. Glen Glass, Del. Ron George, Commissioner Blaine Young, Del. John Cluster, and a special thanks to Frederick County Sheriff Chuck Jenkins,  whose respect for our  State and our Constitution is awe inspiring.